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* Freshly packed, always!

* Vegetarian

* Quality Checked

* No MSG

* Only natural preservatives

* All natural flavours

* ISO22000 certified factory

* Free delivery above $40


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Freshest Paneer available in Singapore. We only make your paneer when you place an order. Made from buffalo milk to ensure a creamy taste & soft texture. Immersed in boiled filtered water to maintain it’s freshness and delivered to your doorstep. 

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Try these variety of tasty samosas that are suited for any occasion. Prepared by our team of chefs & kitchen stewards in a hygienic & clean environment while wearing disposable gloves. Yes gloves! Custom bulk orders available.

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Having access to fresh farm milk, we have the ability to prepare fresh Rasmalai. We strive to prepare Rasmalai Fresh & free from any thickeners, additives or preservatives. 

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This is what our packaging looks like. We considered various factors such as functionality & cost without compromising packaging quality. We pack all our products into this food grade packaging and tag a label for easy reference. 

Our pouches are standalone, ‘hangable’, waterproof, resealable, ambience versatile and have multi- layered films that prevent light emission to keep food safe, longer.