Paneer FRESH! (1kg)

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  • Fresh Paneer made from fresh buffalo milk
  • We only make your paneer when you place an order
  • Immersed in water to preserve freshness & softness
  • Guaranteed freshness!

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    Packaging: 1kg Fresh Paneer Block

    Ingredients: Milk, vinegar

    Allergens: Milk

    Delivered chilled.

    Shelf-life: (1 month in freezer)

    Freshest Paneer available in Singapore from ISO22000 food safe certified company.

    Paneer made only when you place an order. Prepared 1 day before we deliver to you. Immersed in water to preserve freshness.

    No artificial preservatives. No artificial colouring. No chemicals added.

    Storage Instructions: Unopened Fresh Paneer has a shelf-life of 1 month. We recommend you consume your Paneer within 7 days of opening. Once opened, replace the initial boiled water with another batch of boiled water and fully submerge the Paneer and store in your home freezer. Use clean / sanitized appliance and hands when handling Paneer.

    16 reviews for Paneer FRESH! (1kg)

    1. (verified owner)

      Soft and good in taste!

    2. RENU TILVE (verified owner)

      soft , fresh and tasty

      • admin (store manager)

        Thank you for your review.

    3. Varsha (verified owner)

      Paneer is good but they have just increased the price from $15 to$16.9. Why? Also, all the products are available in big packs like 1 kg that is not feasible for a small family.

      • admin (store manager)

        Hey Varsha, thank you for your review. We have had to partner up with more than one dairy farm supplier due to positive response. Hence the adjusted price. Buffalo milk paneer, results in a creamier texture versus cow’s milk. FREE from preservatives, no whitening agents, no thickeners & no milk powder is added. Most importantly, it is produced personally for you when you place an order. You may store the remainder in the freezer to prolong it’s shelf-life.
        To keep prices highly competitive, our manufactured products are packed in bigger quantities to pass the savings back to you. Do reach out to us should you have further questions. Thank you for your support.

    4. Sachin (verified owner)

      Excellent products, freshly made against order. Highly recommended.

      • admin (store manager)

        Thank you Sachin, for your kind words and review.

    5. Ajinsg (verified owner)

      Wow. The paneer is as good as the fresh paneer I wd buy in India. Better than any other available in Spore. I will be back.

    6. Sakshi (verified owner)

      Must say the quality is superb always, haven’t found any softer creamier paneer than this ever in Singapore. Kudos team!

    7. Preet14 (verified owner)

      Very soft and fresh

    8. ST 85 (verified owner)

      Soft and fresh. Loved it!


      Creamy and really fresh. Very Indian taste! Good going food factory.

    10. heena.mehta08 (verified owner)

      The paneer is really fresh and soft.. stays fresh for couple of weeks..

    11. Hitha (verified owner)

      Loved the texture and taste of paneer!

    12. Pratibha (verified owner)

      Really soft, fresh n creamy paneer. Now i shop for paneer only from Food factory.

    13. Arun Arora (verified owner)

      Soft, fresh, tasty… What else we need. Great going

    14. shylaja (verified owner)

      Very fresh

    15. singaishankar (verified owner)

      Absolutely fantastic paneer..Soft and tasty

    16. Sachin (verified owner)

      soft , fresh and tasty

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