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Paneer FRESH! (500gm)


  • Fresh Paneer made from fresh buffalo milk
  • We only make your paneer when you place an order
  • Immersed in water to preserve freshness & softness
  • Guaranteed freshness!

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    Packaging: 500 grams Fresh Paneer Block

    Ingredients: Milk, vinegar

    Allergens: Milk

    Delivered chilled.

    Shelf-life: (1 month in freezer)

    Freshest Paneer available in Singapore from ISO22000 food safe certified company.

    Paneer made only when you place an order. Prepared 1 day before we deliver to you. Immersed in water to preserve freshness.

    No artificial preservatives. No artificial colouring. No chemicals added.

    Storage Instructions: Unopened Fresh Paneer has a shelf-life of 1 month. We recommend you consume your Paneer within 7 days of opening. Once opened, replace the initial boiled water with another batch of boiled water and fully submerge the Paneer and store in your home freezer. Use clean / sanitized appliance and hands when handling Paneer.


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